The Trace

Definition, Conceptualisation and the Applicability of the Trace in Approaching Contemporary Literature Written in English

Our Idea...

We propose to study and analyse the notion of the 'trace' as an apt critical tool to discuss contemporary literature. Firstly, we will examine the theorical underpinnings of this concepts. Secondly, we will focus on contemporary engagements with the past (for example, neo-Victorianism), as well as the recent upsurge of interest in the spectral quality of history/memory, utilising the 'trace' as main theoretical framework. Thirdly, we will investigate the ways in which the notion of the trace serves well the purposes of disciplinary boundary crossing as seen in the relationships between literature and other fields (science and medicine) and visual arts (especially photography and painting).
In short, we offer an in-depth examiination of the relevance of the 'trace' in critical theory and its applicability to recent literary works, written by Anglo-American writers, to consider how postmodernism is being challenged from different literary and critical quarters.

Our Project has been funded by the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación
( Ref. FFI2009-09242 )